Welcome to Emunah's Achuzat Sara


    Emunah Achuzat Sarah in B’nei Brak, Israel, is a supportive, therapeutic residential home to more than 100 children at risk, aged 8-18, from dysfunctional families, referred to us by the Israeli Welfare Department to protect them from neglect, abuse, parental dysfunction, truancy, and maladaptive social behavior.

    The children at risk at Emunah’s Achuzat Sarah have been traumatized by their own life experiences and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They deal with significant learning disorders, emotional difficulties and challenging behavior.

    It is the goal of Emunah’s Achuzat Sarah to break the cycle of distress. This is done by a unique therapeutic and educational program of interventions, tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual child.

    Emunah’s Achuzat  Sarah’s mission is to provide a warm and supportive children’s home for    children at risk that creates conditions for strengthening a sense of belonging, boosting self-confidence and inspiring belief in a better future as well as instilling religious values and love of the land of Israel so that they can become accepted as vital members of Israeli society.

    Emunah’s Achuzat Sarah will produce graduates with well-formed personal identities which will enable them to realize their talents and abilities, while maintaining family and social connections.

    Emunah’s Achuzat Sarah’s  graduates will aspire to uphold an independent national-religious lifestyle, volunteer for national service and become integrated in significant roles for the benefit of society, by becoming involved with the community.