Parents and Kids Theater Group

The objective: Parent’s of children at risk in Achuzat Sara bring up real life situations and present them on stage by processing personal dilemmas and the various challenges they have to cope with.

Achuzat Sara’s staff believes in the power of dynamic experience of this sort, which leads to personal and family empowerment, strengthening the family connection and improving the family image as well as the self-image. Moreover, this activity enables an experiential means of working on “togetherness.”

Just as we hoped, this special drama group has turned out talented actors and actresses, and the stage has provided them with another channel of personal expression, exposure and release of tension and energy.

The creativity of the children participants in the group reached its peak in Achuzat Sara’s bar-/bat-mitzvah celebration in May 2018, during which they made a wonderful presentation on stage in front of a general audience that included their parents and friends.

In light of the group’s impressive success, other children have asked to join the combined theater group along with their parents. Hence, we intend to continue the project and expand its activities. We have no doubt that the experience of children on stage together with their parents strengthens their personal self-image and restores the joy of life to the enthusiastic actors.