Therapeutic Gardening

Horticultural therapy is a time-proven practice. Its benefits have been documented since ancient times and have gained in credibility ever since. Instructed by a horticultural therapist, Nadav Cohen, our children have embraced the successful method with pleasure for the past four years.

Nadav encouraged them to help cultivate the many flowers and plants that have already been growing on the very green grounds of   Achuzat Sara and added, with the children’s assistance, a vegetable garden and a greenhouse for therapeutic gardening.

Through the horticultural therapy our boys and girls have, among others, learned new skills and regained insights that were lost, like the advantage gained by following directions, the pleasure of independent group work and the taste of success achieved by endurance and patience.

Achuzat Sara is seeking a new donor for this very special project The children have experienced a blooming process. The discovery of their natural talents has been a valuable journey for our boys and girls which we would like them to continue. Please help us achieve this goal.