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Achuzat Sara - a home for children and youth
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Our Vision

Achuzat Sara - a home where children are smiling.  Children who do not have the opportunity to grow up in their family.  We strive to be a calm, safe refuge for the boys and girls who come through our gates.

At Achuzat Sara, the children are educated in religious and national values; they receive academic assistance and are guided towards a successful integration into society. 

Our goal is to allow each child to realize his or her maximum potential and prepare for independent, adult life.


Achuzat Sara
Kalisher Str. 24
Bnei-Brak 51390
Tel.: 00972-3-6182578
Fax: 00972-3-5794796
Email: achuzatsara@achuzatsara.org.il



"Chicken for Shabbat" is a program of The Forster Family Kosher Food Pantry in Boca Raton, Florida. Their donation helps subsidize the cost of our Shabbat Dinners every week.